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Services we aim to provide

Based on available resources, we aim to provide the following services to women veterans. We aim to empower you to reach your true potential and ensure you are never left behind.


The welfare services we provide encompass wellbeing in all areas of life. This might be with finances, relationships, career, health or other aspects as required. The welfare aspect of Women Veterans United includes support groups to enable women veterans to connect, know they are not alone and overcome obstacles.


Women Veterans United offer qualified advocacy services. This may be in assisting with claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs, human rights issues or referral to government entities. We can help you build a solid foundation and provide the assistance you need to restore financial wellbeing and ensure your basic human rights are advocated for.


Women Veterans United takes a positive approach to women veterans rising up and assists them as an additional service through psychologically based personal development. This service is designed to help those who are seeking to better themselves, become more of what they want in their health, relationships and career while focusing on vision, purpose, identity and becoming who you want to be in life.

Make a Donation

Would you like to help? Women veterans in Australia served our country, and many continue to struggle as result of their service. While many have been going unnoticed and without help, the Women Veterans United is here to fill the gap and make sure that all women veterans are provided for and they are risen out of oppression, poverty and/or homelessness while the quality of their life is restored through your very kind donation.