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Services we aim to provide

Based on available resources, we aim to provide the following services to women veterans. We aim to empower you to reach your true potential and ensure you are not left behind.


Women Veterans United provides social support in the form of coffee catch ups, support groups and other programs. This is to assist with relationships, health, career and other areas of life where necessary. Our social services are here to enhance the quality of life of all women veterans and create a safe place to feel included.


Women Veterans United provide referral services to Government agencies, Ex Services Organisations and other welfare organisations to ensure that quality of life is achieved in the financial, health, relationship and career aspects of life. This is to create a solid foundation and cause there to be a greater sense of peace and harmony through the inclusion of women across the board.


Women Veterans United provides faith based personal and professional development that is designed to assist with achieving results. The aim of these programs is to create success from a solid foundation to be able to rise in the world the way that each individual is meant to. These programs include relationships, health, career and finances.

Make a Donation

Would you like to help? Women veterans in Australia served our country, and many continue to struggle as result of their service. While many have been going unnoticed and without help, the Women Veterans United is here to fill the gap and make sure that all women veterans are provided for and they are risen out of oppression, poverty and/or homelessness while the quality of their life is restored through your very kind donation.