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This membership application is valid for men and women who wish to be members of the Women Veterans United charity organisation.

All members are invited to attend meetings which are held at a time and venue to be advised and vote at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). Women Veterans United is for women who have served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). If you are not a  serving or ex-serving member please contact us for volunteer positions available to be able to contribute to those who served our country. If you are an ex serving or serving person from another country and live in Australia, you are welcome to become a member.

The Women Veterans United is an inclusive organisation which values empowerment, support and service. You are invited to become a member and share in these values while making a difference in the lives of women veterans who are in need.

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By making this application for membership I acknowledge and agree that:
  1. 1. I am a serving or ex serving member of a defence force and reside in Australia.
  2. 2. Membership is valid for a period of one year and automatically paid via the Women Veterans United membership site.
  3. 3. I support the values of the organisation and commit to upholding these values with pride and dignity.
  4. 4. I consent to receiving information regarding Women Veterans United relevant to this cause.
  5. 5. I agree to the Privacy Policy.