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WOMEN VETERANS UNITED Free Masterclass Series

Welcome to the Masterclass Series which is personal and professional development for women veterans. This program is designed to enable you to rise up in your life, acquire strategies for success and learn to be a leader. This is for you if you are wanting to be inspired regarding the below topics and willing to commit to 4 Masterclasses. These Masterclasses are at no cost to you and held via Zoom as they are a contribution to your life and a way to ensure women veterans in Australia can better achieve success in your career, health and relationships.

All sessions are held from 5:30 - 6:30 pm AEST and 6:30 - 7:30 pm AEDT.

Your Program & Facilitators



Being clear on what you stand for and how you lead yourself is vital. Confidence comes from being the leader you’re looking for.

This session provides:

– Space to develop your leadership code, and define your vision and mission statement
– An approach to connect, clarify, and commit to achieving your intent



Our behaviours are strongly driven by our emotions and ability to master them. We can’t always control what happens to us but we are responsible for how we respond.

This session:

– Explores emotional capital and why it’s important
– Provides a structured model to build your capability and master your emotions



Transitioning from what you do now to where you want to be requires planning, preparation, and trust in your ability to achieve your vision.

This session provides:

– Clarity on stages you’ll experience during the transition
– An approach for building trust within yourself and with others



You have a wealth of knowledge and experience worth sharing! The challenge is often taking what you know and promoting it for other contexts.

This session provides:

– Reflection on what brings you joy at work
– A model for communicating your unique offer as a professional

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Melanie Marshall Executive Coach

Melanie Marshall is an executive coach, and trust strategist.  Her experience in organisational culture change, and professional development across multiple industries is evident in her book Trust The Foundation for Healthy Organisations and Teams. As a previous serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force, Melanie understands the benefits and challenges during and after military service. With personal and professional expertise in change, transition, and transformation, Melanie offers evidence-based and practical guidance as a volunteer trainer and facilitator for our Women Veterans United community. With a passion for enabling freedom through meaning, purpose, and creating multiple options, it’s a pleasure to have Melanie as part of our team.

Anne Nguyen Psychologist

Anne Nguyen is a Clinical Psychologist who completed her Master’s in Psychology (Clinical) in 2004 from the University of Sydney.  Her clinical experience includes acute mental health both in community and hospital settings, with adults and adolescents, working in schools and private practice, developing, and facilitating group programs, supervision, and training.  Anne continues to serve as an Army Reserve Psychologist and has deployed to the Solomon Islands and the Middle East.  Her role within the organisation is providing professional advice and overseeing the welfare and case management aspects of the of Women Veterans United, ensuring programs are evidence-based whilst tailored to supporting the varied needs of female veterans.

Louise Pitcher Psychologist

Louise has a Masters of Occupational Psychology (Clinical), Masters of Business Psychology (in progress), Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and Executive Coaching Certificate.  She has had an extremely diverse career working for the Army, Police, charities and the Mental Health Commission. Louise is passionately committed to supporting people to thrive.  Louise  derives this from both her work with people and lived experience.  She is a facilitator for the support and mentoring groups and is passionate about the welfare of veterans and making a difference in the lives of those who are in need.  It is a pleasure to have Louise as part to our team.

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